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The Body Barber

Supporting others towards being, feeling and looking their very best.

At The Body Barber we deal with reality and leave what you think is reality to the gamers.

How do you see your world ?

The Body Barber, well, we deal with reality. The reality is that we are all individuals, and as such different shapes, sizes, colour ... where does one stop. Yes we all have body hair, are we happy with it, maybe yes, maybe no.

At The Body Barber, we also deal with respect, and one of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening, we take the concerns that you may have with your body hair seriously. We are professionals in our fields, and want you to achieve results probably more so than you do.

We have achieved our reputation throughout the community resulting from being honest, realistic and combining the various methods of laser, waxing and Clippering to design a look best suited for your lifestyle and personality.

The Body Barber looks forward in helping you achieve your goals with your body hair management and encouraging that confidence of being able to expose proudly those parts of you kept hidden for so long.

  • People from all walks

    Not just a paid model that hasn't eaten in days, we're also realistic with the type of clients we have

  • Tradies

    from tradesman to top executives, film and tv stars to the home engineer .... hair doesn't discriminate.

  • all skin colours, all hair types

    Consultations are required to determine suitability for laser hair treatments and effective outcomes.

  • tattoo preparation

    laser before you get that tattoo, wax if it's there already

  • Gender neutral

    our concern is your body hair, your comfort and achieving the results

  • Ageist ?

    over time, your body may change, your attitude doesn't have to.

  • sporting solutions

    cycling, swimming or wrestling ..... Increase performance, ease of treating injury, prevention of rubbing or chaffing.

  • we're comfortable too

    our staff are professional and experienced male aestheticians

  • time, energy & hard work

    we may not be lifting weights but our staff have the same dedication to their work.

Windsor, Melb.

By Appointment Only


Monday        CLOSED

Tuesday          09:00  -  20:00

Wednesday    09:00  -  20:00

Thursday        09:00  -  20:00

Friday              09:00  -  20:00

Saturday         10:00  -  19:00

Sunday         CLOSED



COVID-19 Restrictions

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With restrictions imposed to Hairdressers and Barbers now imposed, The Body Barber™, in a very limited capacity, will be cutting/clipping body hair ONLY as per Dept. of Health.  Waxing, laser and massage are on hold until the green light has been given by DHHS.

Online bookings have been suspended until the full range of services are able to be offered again.

Thank you for your support, please … stay safe, observe social distancing and see you when this is ‘all over’ and we're all looking rather Neanderthal.