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Manscaping, dude-pruning, bromowing, scrotercation, or just pride in ones appearance.


It's becoming a road where the tread is becoming well worn these days, not just by gym junkies and porn star wannabes, we have clients in their 80's who pop in every 5 weeks for their grooming needs.

Taking pride in ones appearance is not just about getting a regular hair cut, it's about what lays under the shirt too, and what sets the men from the boys can also be said for what lays hidden below the belt.

You want to impress your social media fans rather than attract the likes of David Attenborough knocking on your door to make a doco on the forests of your loins.

Even though here at The Body Barber™ we offer waxing or laser hair reduction, some guys just prefer to get a body trim. Masculinity for some people can be represented by their chest hair for example.

Perfect for accomplishing a more natural look, we sit down and listen to your thoughts about what you want and the look you're trying to achieve and then devise a game plan to get you there.

If there's hair, we go there.

As we said, not everyone wants to wax or be smooth .... but you don't have to look like Neanderthal man either.

From your neck to your toes and everything in between, be it a little off the top, more off the sides or buzzed down to a totally smooth surface, if it's a natural sexy look you're after .... we have you covered.

Aesthetics play a huge role in body hair trimming at The Body Barber™, it’s what our business is all about. Using various professional tools of the trade, we will style and sculpt your body hair, giving you that confidence about not only looking, but feeling your best as well.

It may be a little intimidating at first but just think about it, you get your hair cut to present yourself in neat, tidy, professional manner and project to others that you take pride in your appearance. Why then would you not look after the rest of your body … just because you can’t see you back doesn’t mean others don’t. Do you like to see your female partner with arm pit hair ? As we age more body hair grows, it’s completely natural and to be expected, so why then would you not want to maintain it considering that hairy and smelly generally isn’t going to win you any favours on the relationship scene.

At the end of the day guys, nobody wants to be coughing up furballs, and as one of our clients admits, “I know when it’s time to come back and see Zaque as my wife slowly stops paying any attention down there”

Body clip @ The Body Barber an alternative to men's waxing or laser.

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