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FAQ Laser @ The Body Barber™

Concerns you may have regarding laser treatments.

The majority of laser clinics will ask you to come in for a consultation so that they can properly identify whether or not you may be a candidate for laser hair reduction.

So will we, but here are a few of the most common FAQs ... for a more in depth list please see our old site link here which will open in a new window. Though extensive, our old site is best viewed on a PC rather than a mobile device, apologies in advance.

Why should I consider Laser Hair Removal  at The Body Barber™ ?
  • The Body Barber™ with men's laser hair removal in Melbourne will give you results that can't be matched by traditional methods of hair removal.
    • In the long run, you will save money. A back wax every 5 weeks @ $50 will be 10 treatments per year or $500. Unlikely, but assuming prices don't change after 30 years, that's $15 000. Add to that all the pimples, ingrown hairs, rashes and time that you won't get back ie. about 6 days based on 30min session .... WOW Plus, once the hair goes grey laser will not work, so get in while you can.
  • We use a device with powerful integrated contact cooling down to 0°C having an anaesthetic effect making it a far more comfortable experience and a quick fix for lasting hair reduction.
  • MCT (motion controlled technology) scanning.
  • Be advised to treat hair before it goes grey, as the hair needs to be darker than the skin, for effective results. We cannot treat white/grey/blonde/ red hair.
How does laser get rid of my hair ?
  • In laymen’s terms Laser hair removal is simply a process of getting rid of any unwanted hair growth by means of using light to destroy the root of the hair.
    For the tech heads out there, laser removes the hair by a process called selective photo thermolysis. Getting the right amount of light energy, at the right wavelength, is pertinent to destroying the hair follicle. Laser targets the melanin, which gives hair and skin its pigmentation where light energy is transferred in to thermal energy and when the heat is absorbed, the follicle is destroyed.
  • The Hair growth cycle has three distinct growth phases: anagen (active growth phase); catagen (regressive phase); telogen: (resting phase). It is ONLY during the active growth ‘anagen’ phase that Laser can permanently disable hair growth. Multiple treatments are therefore required as hair attains the anagen phase at different times.
IPL v's LASER are IPL laser the same as laser ?
  • No.
  • IPL is an acronym for 'Intense Pulsed Light' and is often mistakenly called or referred to as LASER.
    • LASER is an acronym for 'Light Amplified by Stimulated Emission of Radiation', that alone ought to tell you there's a difference.
  • 'Intense' ....... well what else would you call something that goes up to 1200nm? 'Pulsed', because it flashes not dissimilar to a camera flash going off and 'Light', because HELLO .... it's a light !
  • Light is measured in nanometres (nm) and the light that an IPL device produces (depending on the make of course) emits a variety of light wavelengths between 400nm and 1200nm. Not all of these wavelengths are the correct wavelengths to target melanin, so special filters are used to block the unwanted wavelengths. Which filter used will depend on the depth of light required for the intended target/condition/procedure whatever.
    • Laser on the other hand, emits a single and very precise wavelength that is specifically targeted to attack the melanin in the hair follicle.
Laser vs IPL at The Body Barberlaser wavelengths at The Body Barber™
    How many treatments will I require?
    • The number of treatments are dependent on the individual. The number of treatments is also dependant on medical background & hormonal changes in the body. Some clients are happy after 6 sessions; whereas some people will desire more.
    • It is important to note that maintenance sessions will be required. Usually, woman’s faces require more treatments than bodily areas. Women are predisposed to grow new hair on the face as they get older. Hormones, menopause & medication all increase growth. Areas like legs, bikini & under arms are more successful because women are predisposed to lose hair in these areas as they get older.
    How often do I need to come in for treatment sessions?
    • Hair cycles vary; we recommend treatments every 4 weeks for the facial hair and every 6 weeks for the body hair. Hair follicles don’t sit there and synchronise their watches to begin their growth cycles, for this reason you need multiple treatments for optimal results.
    Am I a candidate for Laser hair reduction ?
    • The consultation: Firstly, we will sit down and have a chat;. LASER hair removal is a medical procedure and as such, you will undergo a physical assessment of your hair and skin. A few questions asked regarding your medical history and any medications that you are currently taking as they may affect your results and this will determine if in fact you are a suitable candidate for LASER procedures.
    • You should have visible hair when you come for a consultation so we can better advise you on your hair type and suggest the most appropriate treatments.
      What about a patch test?
      • If we have determined that you are a candidate for laser hair removal treatments, the next step is a patch test. This is where we determine the settings to begin your hair reduction journey and a new, smoother you.
        • A patch test is performed on a small section of each body area that you would like. The patch test provides us the optimal settings for your skin and also checks the sensitivity of your skin. The purpose of the patch test is to highlight any adverse reactions you may have to the treatment.
        • Patch tests are charged at the current fee and are refunded on your first full treatment.
      The Body Barber patch test
        What happens during a laser treatment session?
        • After the initial consultation where we like to see as much hair as you can grow, we ask that you shave the area prior to further treatments.
          • Your body hair preferably needs to be as short as possible to make the treatment more effective and as comfortable as possible.
          • The area to be treated will be wiped free of any contaminants and may be marked out in white pencil.
        • You will be asked to wear protective goggles for eye protection and then your procedure will begin.The integrated cooling device is part of the laser head and set to a comfortable level to ease pain & reduce sensitivity.
        • At the end of your session cooling and moisturiser, post treatment medication and sunscreen (if necessary) will be applied
        Is Laser Hair Removal permanent?
        • Marketing can be misleading, at The Body Barber™ we make it very clear that, unless you undergo electrolysis, there is no such thing as ‘permanent hair removal’, it is called ‘permanent hair reduction’.
        • The goal of the treatment is to significantly reduce the amount of hair growth, and for the hair to grow back lighter and softer, giving you a long hair free period. You may need maintenance treatments after many years - or may need additional sessions if you experience hormonal changes such as those arising from a disease, PCOD or other imbalance.
          • We had a client that had removed all of his back hair via laser at another clinic but due to a course of steroids, to bolster his muscle mass, it all grew back with even more hair than he had originally. The side effects of certain medications, supplements or the normal changes in hormones seen during pregnancy may affect your results.
        Is the treatment painful?
        • Treatments with the LinScan 808 device are more comfortable with the motion controlled technology of linear scanning that allows rapid treatment. Together with integrated cooling, this allows us to reduce the temperature to 0°C providing a significantly more comfortable treatment.
        What do I do in between treatments?
        • There is no need to grow your hair between regular treatments; you may shave as many times as you wish as this will not affect your results.
        • The following methods are suitable for removing hair:
          • Shaving – removing the hair by using a blade.
          • Trimming – removing the hair by the use of a machine to cut the hairs
          • Hair Removing Creams – removing the hair by applying a non-invasive cream that removes hair without affecting the follicle.
        • The following methods should not be used to remove hair:
          • Bleaching – Lightening the hair using harsh chemicals
          • Epilating – removing the hair, including the follicle, by a pulling motion.
            • Waxing, Epilating Machines, Plucking, Threading, Tweezing and the like are a definite no-no.
        How long will it take?
        •  Each person differs in their treatments and times …. Your first full treatment will determine how long your treatment will take, it will completely different to someone else receiving the same treatment. The Body Barber™ does NOT rush their procedures be it laser, waxing or manscaping.
        Are there any Possible side effects?
        • After the treatment you can get temporary erythema (redness) or temporary per-follicular oedema (swelling/lumps)
        • In some rare cases, people have been noted to suffer from temporary blistering and scabbing.
        • Any initial reactions should settle down within a 48 hours period.
        • We recommend the use of 100% alcohol free aloe vera gel, cold running water or cool compresses (not ice) to be used for a reduction in irritation should it occur.
        • There is also a very slight risk of hyper- and hypo- pigmentation. This is the darkening and lightening of the skin, which is why it is important to protect the skin from the sun using medical grade sunblock of SPF 30 or above.
        • If you have a history of herpes/cold sores, you may get a relapse after any treatment. The doctor can prescribe medication to prevent this, in advance.


        Planning ahead:  (noun + adverb) ( planɪŋ /Ə’hƐd )

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