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the technology

German engineering at its best, the LinScan 808 is a diode laser with a wave length of 808nm and is one of the most versatile diode lasers on the market without the need for anaesthetics and gels, thanks to the innovative and revolutionary linear scanning technology.

Linear Scanning - With linear scanning, a laser beam scans over the entire treatment area of 50mm x 15mm which can be varied in size for the area being treated.

MCT mode (Motion Controlled Technology), a new approach to laser hair removal developed where the LinScan 808 takes this to the next level. Utilising the integrated cooling head, the laser is fired with low energy density in 2-4 controlled stacks and is their approach to pain free treatments.

The Body Barber™ is the only clinic in Victoria to be currently using the next generation laser technology of the LinScan 808.

integrated sapphire cooling

The cooled sapphire glass of the LinScan 808 at The Body Barber™, is able to be reduced to 0°C.

The aim of the integrated contact skin cooling, alongside the intelligent software, is to achieve pain free laser hair removal. It also secures safe and effective treatments for lighter and darker skin types.

Because of the analgesic effect of the integrated cooling, it makes treatments much more bearable for you and offers thermal protection allowing the possibility of using higher levels of therapeutical energy for more successful outcomes.

Treatment work is able to be completed in less time as there is no need for the application of any gels.

laser hair removal requires a short-term commitment but has long-term benefits.

Guys, laser hair removal is not something you think of doing on one of your days off and it is not a treatment that you have the once or twice and your then end up as smooth as the day you were born.

Our interest is the same as yours, we both want something that is effective, that will work for your hair and skin type and is not a waste of your hard-earned cash.

Laser requires a series of treatments over a period, usually 4 to 7 weeks apart, to accommodate the difference in hair growth stages. Factors such as your hair type, skin type, the area treated and of course, any medications or supplements that you may be taking all will influence your success.

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