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Online Bookings

Online bookings at The Body Barber

Currently on trial, the online booking system is now an option. Be reminded that as such, when booking online think about what you want done so that you get it right 😉 If you would like some clipping with your wax, for example, you need to include that as EVERY service, be it a wax, clip or laser has a time allocated for it and I'd hate to send you out on the street only 1/2 done .... even though we are near St Kilda and it wouldn't raise any eyebrows.

Apologies in advance for any glitches you may encounter.

  • Bookings are not confirmed until you have received notification from us stating so.
  • Bookings can not be made online 8 hours prior to the time wanted, these requests will need to be made via text or calling.
  • Online bookings cannot be cancelled, or altered, via your login 8 hours prior to your scheduled time, these will need to be done by contacting The Body Barber™ directly. Cancellation or late notice fees may apply.
  • 'Mantenance Program' clients please note, your program discount is not applied online but when you settle your account at the clinic.

The log in process :

  1. click ' LOG IN '
  2. If new to the this site, select the ' SIGN UP ' tab.
    1. enter your email address plus a password to use for future log-ins OR you have the choice of signing up using your Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft or Yahoo accounts.
    2. you will then be taken to a welcome screen that will give you 2 choices, 1) log out 2) ' START BOOKING '
    3. Start Booking screen will load and you will then be faced with your options and our various services ....
  3. If you have been to the booking platform before, just enter your details in to the ' LOG IN ' tab and off you go, 'Bob's your Uncle' as they used to say.

 PLEASE NOTE: The online booking platform is a separate platform to that of The Body Barber shop front and therefore the two are not one and the same. You will be required to create a new account for online bookings to that of purchasing products via the store front. 

Things are Thick and Heavy

Appointment availability at the moment is roughly a 1.5 week wait.

Don't think I'm sitting around waiting for your booking request.

Please have patience as bookings are quite heavy at the moment with a 2 or 3 week wait e.g. should a Saturday be your preference.

Always plan and book in advance and preferably when you leave, book your next.

With all things COVID there's a lot of movement with cancellations and a long wait list.

Just giving you all a 'heads up'