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Cancellations + No Shows

Cancellations + No Shows

June 29, 2018 1 Comment

After 20, YES 20 cancellations, last minute, the day before, or just no-shows in the past 4 weeks .... it will be a requirement that all 1st time bookings either pay in advance or will be required to pay a deposit of either $30 for those under the treatment value of $30 or $50 for those treatments over $100 in value.

These deposits will be non-refundable should the client cancel or no-show without 8 hours notice.

The deposit will be paid either via this new website or the online booking platform that I am looking at using.

Do you think this is fair ??

I have long term clients that I am saying "can't fit you in" to and then what was a busy day ends up quiet because some person has put catching up with a friend over latte and smashed avocado ahead of what is my time and money.

I think not turning up without contacting me or not replying to my concerned texts, as to whether or not they are on their way or running late, is incredibly disrespectful and rude. Call me old fashioned but just because Gordon Ramsey treats people like shit and all the reality TV shows seem to have people doing the same, does that mean that they are the new role models and how we're all meant to be treating each other ?

I think not ! 

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Bob the Builder
Bob the Builder

July 04, 2018

Well about time Zaque …. time is money ! Maybe they will think twice next time.

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