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Online bookings

Online bookings

October 20, 2018

The online bookings seem, did I say SEEM, to be going along ok.

There are a couple of confusing points and for some of you there seems to be a shit load of them, with regard to log-ins ....For those of you that are bored and are up for a read I will make an attempt to explain a few things but I fear I will only confuse myself !

The 'log In', that is beside the magnifying glass at the top of all pages, is for the SHOP log in ... please don't use this unless you are going to buy something on line, a product for example, and as you know I don't have any on the website as yet.  Some of you have done this which is no big deal as you will be able to continue on and following the bookings link, find yourself  at the scheduling platform (but not  logged in to it as it is a different platform to that of the shop one). It will NOT populate any of the required information for you (name, email, contact number) nor remember your booking or the services you selected.

'BOOKINGS Log In' is what you need to use only IF you would like to have a client account that remembers your details, your appointments and service history. It also allows you to reschedule, change or cancel your appointments, but ONLY if there is 24hrs notice otherwise you will have to text/call me the old fashioned way.
     When you create a client account you enter in your email address and then a password ... you then have to go to your emails and ACTIVATE the account from the link that was sent to you in the welcome email BEFORE you can then continue on through and book the appointment with it remembering all your details.
     Yes I know that it is all very simple for some of you, but others are having a great deal of difficulty with 'why is it telling me that the email address is already in use when it won't let me log in ?" .. the answer being you have not gone to your emails and clicked on the 'activate your account' link that was sent to you.

     I am more than happy for you guys to email me in ANY issues you are having or suggestions on how I can make the site work better for you. Truth be said I'd like to throw it all in and go back to the old pad and pencil routine.

Other grievances so far :

     "There are too many things to choose from and I have to scroll down forEVER to get to the bottom and continue on"
          (A) I am looking in to this and it will require a LOT of keyboard tapping in to the wee hours and for many days/weeks. The whole point of the list is so that you can select exactly what you want to be done and stops me from bitching that someone asked for a back wax and then only got their welcome mat done or a few hairs on their lats. Don't book in for a butt wax when you only want your crack done, don't book in for a full body wax when you don't want your arms or legs done. Each item is time allocated and therefore it all adds together to give you enough time for me to do it and any variations will either give us more time or make us run out of time ... so be mindful ! And if it's all too hard, just text me like the good ol' days.

     "I can't find a contact number to call you and I couldn't be bothered reading and clicking around your website"
          (A) Why are you bitching and blaming me for your lazy sloth attitude ? The contact numbers are at the bottom of EVERY page, in the 'about' us sections and also the FAQs. Seriously, how is our species going to survive with that 'can't be bothered' attitude. I do get it as I can also be a bit that way but don't get on the phone to me with an aggressive, frustrated attitude and not expect me to rip you a 2nd arsehole when you come in.

     "This booking requires more notice, please select a later date or time"
          (A) This will come up when you are trying to book the same day. It is not to say there are no appointments available, just that it's the same day and I need to double check the appointment will actually fit between others on that day. 'spit roasting' or 'sandwiching' clients last minute is difficult as I'm sure you can imagine.

     "The time I want is not available when I try to book ahead?"
          (A) That is because it has already been taken by someone else that had their shit together and planned ahead. Only the times available for the services you selected will show as being available. Each service has a time allocation, add them all together and you have a block of time that you are hoping to get in for. Try deleting a service and you may find more time opportunities open up for you, if not, shoot me through a text or pick another day.

If it is out of hours that you are wanting, contact me 0413 520 420 and we'll see what I can do as the online booking system only allow what fits in to the opening hours of the clinic.

Even if you are 5 minutes over the closing time with the services you selected, it won't let you book it in. Yep, they're the joys of computerisation and not dealing with a human .. but you wanted it !

Now then, any other questions ? *said with a smile on my face*

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