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Alternatives to waxing or shaving at The Body Barber

Alternatives to waxing or shaving at The Body Barber

March 22, 2020

The Body Barber hair removal Melbourne

The Urban Dictionary has several definitions of 'manscaping' "A fine art form exclusive to men; the continued upkeep of exceptional hygiene and strategic hair removal as they pertain to the male body"

Hair just seems to get OUT OF CONTROL as you get older ...... certain parts of your body start sprouting hair in places that you never thought possible, or the ones you have, start to grow to lengths that gets people passing by whispering to each other.

We all remember those early movies of men in singlets sprouting a forest of long grey hair from their chest or shoulders. It's NOT a good look guys, nor is it necessary, a body clip is the perfect solution to the overgrown wilderness you're growing which may get the likes of David Attenborough knocking on your door with a camera crew. 

Waxing isn't for everyone either and for some of you guys the thought of getting your back waxed, let alone your love nuts, scares the shit out of you .... not good in this time of limited toilet paper. Getting yourself clipped is a great way to see yourself with less body hair should you then decide to go for the smoothness of waxing, or maybe you'll prefer the kept look that clipping can give. Masculinity for some guys is represented by having some degree of body hair, your hair can be clipped to different lengths to get a more natural look, grading from a #0 up to #8 or you can just go for the #1 all over, the options and results are infinite. 

Everyone comes in asking for it to look 'natural', so taking in to consideration your lifestyle, body shape and amount of hair coverage I'll sit down with you and discuss your ideas and expectations. Know that if you ask for my opinion you'll experience my Dutch heritage and be brutally honest with the experience gained from many years in the business. I'm not going to clip you in a way that I think won't suit you or look ridiculous, after all it's my reputation that is at stake here!

The Body Barber, here in Melbourne, considers the body clip an art form and will not rush the job, I've seen enough guy's home clip jobs that make them look like road kill with some appearing to have reversed over themselves several times.

Unless work is carried out at the time, consultations for clips are free and I encourage you to consider the difference a professional clip can make by contacting me here 

Take care guys and stay safe.

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