all male staff


Shoulders - Entire

Shoulders Entire ( from one delt to the next )


Deltoids/shoulders, dorsocervical fat pad or 'buffalo hump' & upper traps


Pecs, teres major/minor,lower traps, lats, biceps & triceps

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COVID-19 Restrictions

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With restrictions imposed to Hairdressers and Barbers now imposed, The Body Barber™, in a very limited capacity, will be cutting/clipping body hair ONLY as per Dept. of Health.  Waxing, laser and massage are on hold until the green light has been given by DHHS.

Online bookings have been suspended until the full range of services are able to be offered again.

Thank you for your support, please … stay safe, observe social distancing and see you when this is ‘all over’ and we're all looking rather Neanderthal.