all male staff

Arms - 3/4 upper

Arm - 3/4 upper down


Biceps, Triceps + Elbows


Hands, Forearms, Arm pits or Deltoids

Collections: Arms @ The Body Barber™

Type: Arms

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Lockdown Status

Roadmap out of lockdown @ The Body Barber October 2021

Coming out of Lockdown

Tuesday, 26th Oct as per Victoria’s Roadmap

Please respect and appreciate that I am now opening up with a stampede of 'desperate' clients all wanting to be the first back and my headspace in dealing with your 'demands'.

Thank you for your patience over these crazy times and please
respect that I will be following the guidelines, as every professional person is, with regard to operational requirements etc., and the national plan with the Vic services app QR code sign.

Full details: