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Pre and Post Care at The Body Barber






  • Wax virgins, don't shave or remove the hair in any other way for at LEAST 3 weeks prior to the date you are wanting to book an appointment.
  • Do wear loose fitting clothing to your appointment or have a change of clothes to put on. This is even more important in summer.
  • Shower before coming in or The Body Barber™ has shower facilities. Let us know if you would like to shower so that we can allow you that little extra time either before or/and after.
  • No skin lotions applied to the area to be treated.
  • Let your hair grow out.
  • Begin exfoliating and applying moisturiser 2 days prior to your appointment but not on the day of it.
  • Not only arrive alive, but be calm, cool, relaxed and at one with the world. Arriving stressed, uptight or rushed can make it feel more painful.
  • No hot baths or showers (cool to lukewarm water only)
  • No swimming, saunas, hot tubs, massage or steam treatments. 
  • No heat, sunbathing or UV treatments like sun beds 
  • No tight clothing
  • No application of perfumed products including deodorant, antiperspirant, powder, self-tanner or makeup on the treated areas.
  • No scrubbing or rubbing of the treat area with unwashed hands, unless you want to encourage a bacterial infection ?
  • No intensive exercise or gym work.
  • Do wash your hands before applying any product to your skin.
  • Do apply ingrown hair cream to prevent and treat ingrown hair 24 hours after your wax, once a day for 2 weeks thereafter.
  • Do drink lots of water every day to keep yourself hydrated and your skin supple, moisturise daily to help new hairs to grow through normally.
  • Do exfoliate every 4 - 7 days, 3 days AFTER your wax with either a dry brush or exfoliating mitt. Be mindful though, to not exfoliate too much or too roughly as this can graze the skin and cause ingrown hairs.
  • Do wear clean, loose fitting clothes.




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