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Laser - hair removal delivers the ultimate solution

Laser hair removal for men at The Body Barber™ delivers the ultimate solution.

It's a simple fact that men have body hair. A completely natural occurrence with genetics playing a more hirsute fate for some more so than others, and not everyone is happy about it. We can be our own worst enemy, but the pressure to de-fluff from a partner or what the various media outlets suggest is 'socially acceptable' all influence our decisions.

It could be that you intend to get a tattoo that, without a more permanent solution such as laser, will be hidden from the view .... and what is the point of that ?

If it's just about how hirsute you are the we have that 'covered' as well. There is an alternative choice out there though and you don't have to get it all removed. For those of you who don't mind having hair on your chest, stomach or legs, but just not as much of it, 2 to 4 laser hair treatments may be all you need to reduce the coverage to what you feel comfortable and happy with.

Backs are an area that the majority of us would rather not have hair and for you guys a more permanent solution would be your thing. Legs on the other hand can be considered a more masculine trait by women, unless you are a cyclist or swimmer and require that extra 1/2 second speed advantage ?

Another emerging trend we have noticed here at The Body Barber™, is what we call a 'hygiene' treatment. With several laser treatments even the hairiest of bottoms out there become smooth and hair free allowing many of you to relax when nature calls, by removing the sense of confidence that only a shower afterwards usually brings, no matter where you are.

Reasons to consider laser hair removal at The Body Barber™

  • At The Body Barber™ you receive world class technology with the first clinic in Australia to be using the patented linear scanning technology developed for the LinScan 808.
  • With the powerful integrated contact cooling used during the treatment it not only means a far more comfortable experience but also secures effective treatments for both lighter and darker skin types.
  • Hygiene for intimate areas. Feel comfortable and at ease knowing that at The Body Barber™ men wanting their genitals hair free is an every day occurrence so for us, well it's all just 'run-of-the-mill' really.
  • Pain free treatments utilising the MCT technology where laser is fired with low energy density in 2-4 controlled stacks.
  • Not only will you save $1000s in the long run, but also save yourself a LOT of time over the years that could've been spent doing more important things, like time out with the boys.
  • Our staff are fully qualified and professional male aestheticians, many men feel more comfortable with a male doctor than a female one for example ... it's the same in our line of work too.
  • Achieve smoother skin free from ingrown hair, bumps, razor burn or folliculitis.
  • A more confident you is a happier you.

Things are Thick and Heavy

Appointment availability at the moment is roughly a 1.5 week wait.

Don't think I'm sitting around waiting for your booking request.

Please have patience as bookings are quite heavy at the moment with a 2 or 3 week wait e.g. should a Saturday be your preference.

Always plan and book in advance and preferably when you leave, book your next.

With all things COVID there's a lot of movement with cancellations and a long wait list.

Just giving you all a 'heads up'